Project Approach

Prederi supported the Strategy programme from its inception through its first 11 months, providing a multi-disciplinary team blending expertise in strategy, programme management, clinical engagement, and facilitation. The support covered the following areas:

  • Mobilising and managing the overall programme Defining and mobilising the programme governance, engaging with stakeholders to define principles and values, programme objectives and vision. Developing the programme and supporting plans and monitoring progress against these, working with senior stakeholders to manage risks and remove barriers to success
  • Developing the Commissioning Strategy itself and supporting Case for Change Developing core documents through a mixture of analysis, content development, synthesis and coordination of inputs from others
  • Development of clinical models Managing clinical design workstreams covering: primary and community care, long term conditions, urgent and emergency care, children and young people, maternity, cancer and planned care. Developing and facilitating a programme of clinical design workshops for each workstream, working with clinicians and senior managers from across the local health system to develop and shape clinical models
  • Delivering the Programme Management Office (PMO) function Supporting programme governance and the operation of programme processes including planning, monitoring progress and managing risks, issues and dependencies


The outcome was the successful development of the first draft of a clinically-led strategy, bought into by commissioners, providers and other local stakeholders. At the heart of the Strategy was an integrated system model, bringing together health and integrated care services centred on a network of “at scale” primary and community care hubs across the six boroughs.

The programme was noted across the broader region as an exemplar for its progress, breadth of engagement and level of clinical leadership.  The Prederi team was also recognised for its collaborative and supportive approach and working style and the benefits this delivered across a mixed Prederi and client programme team.

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