A Prederi Director programme managed the mobilisation period of the Integration and Transformation Programme, through to the point where the substantive senior management team for the programme were in post.  Other members of the Prederi team provided project management and subject matter expertise to high priority areas.  The Prederi team:

  • Developed the programme delivery blueprint
  • Established the programme plan and the process for monitoring progress against its delivery across projects and workstreams
  • Supported mobilisation of the PMO, including defining and mobilising key processes and governance
  • Supported benefits planning and put in place an approach for project prioritisation based on value for money and strategic alignment principles
  • Provided strategic expertise to facilitate the definition of a future operational structure for the Trust
  • Provided strategic and development expertise to support the mobilisation of the medical leadership of the new organisation
  • Project managed the recruitment process for the substantive programme team, including supporting the assessment centre process.


Prederi provided a range of support over a six-month intensive period, working alongside the Programme Director and members of the Executive team.  This included the successful transition from acquisition and safe landing to the Integration and Transformation Programme, the planning and definition of the programme, scoping and progression of the first tranches of change projects focusing on integration and release of synergies, and the mobilisation of the substantive programme team.  Work was delivered in a highly collaborative way that drew on our deep programme experience whilst maximising ownership and buy-in throughout the client team.

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