Project Approach

Building on the previous 12-months of research and analysis that had been undertaken in-house, Prederi carried out an independent assessment of the governance options and their impact on the statutory tests of public safety and economy, efficiency and effectiveness. The conclusion was that, of all the options, the ‘Governance Model’ offered the best balance of improvements to public safety, significant savings compared to the status quo and achievability without disruption and that it would be in the interests of public safety and value for money in Staffordshire.

Prederi consulted widely with police, fire and OPCC stakeholders, including senior management, back office staff, staff associations and unions. The HMT Green Book compliant business case included the standard 5 cases (strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management cases), plus an additional public safety case. The options appraisal undertaken followed the guidance of the Association of Police and Crime Chief Executives (APAC2E).

The business case was reviewed by senior police, fire and OPCC staff, and is currently undergoing public consultation.


The local business case is currently going through public consultation, the results of which will be available at the start of September 2017. Following consultation, the PCC will decide whether any alterations to the business case are required, and the case will then go to the Home Office for approval.

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