Prederi worked with the senior management team to identify key corporate and strategic priorities across the organisation.  Based on this input, we constructed a portfolio plan for the organisation based on a six-month time horizon.  The Prederi team then worked with the Trust Executive Directors to monitor progress on the priority plans, actively triage new priorities, and manage risks and issues.  The associated portfolio plan was regularly refreshed and used both as a planning and monitoring tool for the Chief Executive and her team, and for communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

Prederi also provided point support to address important individual pieces of work across the portfolio plan that required attention, or those which required additional capacity and capability to progress. This support was a mix of advice, shaping and dedicated delivery horsepower.  Projects supported included the development of the Trust’s Clinical Services Strategy plus underpinning Quality, Estates and Clinical Systems strategies, and the mobilisation of a new service line review approach.


The planning and prioritisation framework implemented by the Prederi team helped the Trust Executive Team to establish and manage their priorities during a time of multiple and complex demands.  The approach was then used as a basis for setting up the planning framework and overarching plan for the Trust’s Integration and Transformation Programme.  Prederi was able rapidly progress a number of key plans and strategy deliverables for the Trust, working with members of the Executive in a strategic, pragmatic and agile way whilst maximising engagement from broader stakeholders.

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