Project Approach

Prederi carried out the analysis based on our own outcome-based learning methodology. The approach took a wider system view than a traditional training needs analysis, considering current initiatives across the health and social care economy, exploring innovative approaches to enhancing the skills of care home staff and providing a framework for a sustainable learning culture across South East London. The ‘mixed-method’ approach included:

  • Conducting focus interviews with staff and managers in a selection of care homes in each borough; as well as stakeholders across the wider health and social care system
  • Supplementing interview findings with a survey targeting a broader sample of care homes across south east London
  • Facilitating focus workshops with local stakeholders
  • Carrying out research into local and national best practice


The project delivered in-depth insights into the challenges care homes face in maintaining effective support to residents and therefore reducing pressure on A&E and other parts of the system. Recommendations focused on the development of a whole system approach for the training and development of care home staff. This was supported by a recommended cross-borough foundation of shared standards, coordinated response to priorities, and the opportunity to leverage scale where appropriate. Recommendations were also made on the broader aspects of the system that needed to be in place to ensure successful delivery of outcomes, such as multi-disciplinary working.

The recommendations are now being taken forward as part of ‘Our Healthier South East London’, the clinically-led Strategy for the six boroughs in south east London.

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