Local Authorities have faced huge budget reductions over the last decade as a result of Austerity. They are also being asked to deliver increasing amounts of complex services with more choice for individual customers in a climate where they are also being subject to increasing regulation and introspection. For many upper tier authorities, they also face challenges in how they work with the NHS to deliver social care services.

Many authorities have had to transform the way they work completely to survive – others have chosen to adopt more commercial approaches to their activities to supplement their budgets through income generation opportunities.

A combination of these factors has led to a change in the way that Finance departments in many local authorities operate. Some have moved to a model where a small central team processes transactions on behalf of the different service areas, and dedicated business partners have been introduced to help service heads deliver services in a way that is highly effective and also represents good value for money. Other authorities have undergone different transformations to their finance teams. In most cases however this change needs to be accompanied by reskilling staff and changing the way they operate and their attitudes.

Working with CIPFA colleagues through relationships built up over many years, Prederi has helped many local authorities make these changes.

Training delivered

Prederi has provided a variety of financial training to Finance and Non Finance staff in local authorities and parts of the NHS. This includes training in the areas of budget management, planning, forecasting, business cases, investment appraisal, value for money and technical accounting. Clients include Warrington, Rotherham, Derbyshire, Lambeth, Newham, Maidstone, South Oxfordshire, Wokingham, Wycombe Councils, Employee and Human Rights Council, Health Education East of England, States of Jersey, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

We have also provided a variety of commercial training including service costing, income generation, cost behaviour and analysis, unit costing and break even analysis. Clients include Gedling, Cheshire East, Northamptonshire, Warrington, Rotherham, West Sussex councils.

We have worked very closely with CIPFA on an accredited business partnering programme for CIPFA where Prederi delivers the first 2 modules of the programme. This programme is run on an open basis regionally in London, Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast. We have also delivered it “in house” to Nottingham City, Southampton City, Durham, Tameside, Wrexham, Flintshire Councils, The Metropolitan Police, West and South Yorkshire Police, The Greater London Authority, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

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