Project Approach

Prederi have been working within DE&S to help build greater resource management and financial capability across its various project teams and corporate functions. Working with the Finance Professionalism Enabling team the Prederi team analysed the training needs of approximately 600 staff and designed an L&D programme to improve their knowledge and skills and transform values and behaviours.

The knowledge and skills part of the programme includes finance, accounting, commercial and auditing skills in areas as diverse as provisions for nuclear submarines and accounting for inventory. The cultural change focuses on the need for functions such as the commercial, finance, supply chain management and project management teams to work more closely and effectively, to produce reliable management information for senior decision makers.

Prederi designed the programme to ensure that it tied into wider DE&S initiatives such as its inventory optimisation programme and the need to improve the cost effectiveness of the services delivered to the Front Line Commands.



During the delivery of the programme we saw significant improvements in the production of accurate financial information in areas such as inventory accounting and accruals. There was also improvement in the quality of audit evidence produced for the NAO, and a change in the culture towards producing and making better use of financial information is also evident. Our work has contributed to this change.

These changes have contributed to DE&S achieving clean accounts and in October 2017 the NAO confirmed that they would be removing the qualifications on DE&S accounts that had been in place since 2014/15.

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