Prederi worked with Finance and Business staff across Air Command to create two strands to the programme that would run concurrently. The first is a Finance Business Partnering programme that has seven one day modules.

There are some technical training modules including on investment appraisal, value for money and being more commercially focused, linked to some softer modules about seeing the big picture and adopting a more customer focused attitude. There is a significant behavioural element to the programme including the use of an Insights diagnostic tool to help delegates understand different personality types so that they can become more effective at communicating and influencing the senior staff they are working with.

The programme culminates in an intensive, scenario based, role played simulation of a presentation to a senior military customer and their board, which brings together all the technical, soft and behavioural skills.

The second strand is a Business Analysis programme for slightly more junior staff. It is similar in its objective but has 5 modules and different content.


We have successfully completed two cohorts of each strand of the programme by end April 2017. Delegates found the programme really useful in their changed roles and have often adopted a more commercial mindset as a result of the programme. They developed a greater understanding of how to help ensure that services provided by the Royal Air Force are good value for money and that investment appraisals are properly undertaken. Perhaps of most use has been the change in the way that delegates have been able to identify different personality types and have used this to improve how they communicate with others and influence better business decision making.

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