Project Approach

The course was based around the 3 parts of the EMC “triple play” – Investing for the future, financial leverage and gain share.

Delegates needed to understand the interrelation between the 3 elements of the triple play and the natural tension between them. Investing for the future (new businesses, new technologies, new processes and new people), might have an adverse impact on financial leverage (the control of margins, costs and profitability) but without it there would be reduced likelihood of long term gain share (the need to grow faster than the competition in the marketplace through competitive advantage and customer reach).

Within this framework the course covered many areas like structured economic analysis and the need to have a real understanding of each part of the businesses’ cost drivers. It covered various approaches to budgeting and financial planning and we used a variety of quizzes and scenario based exercises to ensure the learning was embedded in what the delegates did and experienced day to day.

We also used break even analysis to help delegates understand what they could do to control their costs of goods sold and operational expenditure, whilst maintaining revenue at a level that secured profitability.

We also compared the EMC business model to that of its competitors and looked at up to date analysts’ reports about their performance and circumstances to make the link form the financial information to what was happening in each company operationally.


Successful roll out of the programme to approx. 150 managers worldwide with courses delivered in UK, France, Germany, Egypt and Cork (Ireland).

Delegates have adopted a more commercial, business minded approach to their decision making and have actively contributed to the need for the company to continually improve its performance in relation to the 3 parts of the triple play (ie investment for the future, maintaining financial leverage and growing its market share). EMC managers continue to be a highly successful part of the now merged Dell EMC company.

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