Project Approach

1. Commercial and Business Strategy Development

Prederi worked with the Board and other stakeholders to develop a commercial strategy to best use the resources of the company, focus on its strengths and direct attention towards the key existing contracts the company wanted to target for retention and adjacent opportunities for new work.

Prederi was also commissioned to write the five-year business strategy. This drew in particular on our knowledge of costs, revenues and cost drivers for services; and our understanding of the external environment and competitive landscape. The business strategy set out five-year priorities and plans, plus associated investment, resourcing and staffing levels, and organisational structures.

Development of business and commercial strategies was informed by Prederi’s strategy development methodology, tailored to the need and circumstances of the client:

  • Strategic analysis to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Development of strategic vision
  • Development of priority changes needed to deliver the Vision and address challenges and opportunities identified, then defining the appropriate operating / service models to deliver these priorities
  • Development of the roadmap / plan for delivery.

2. Cost Efficiency

We followed our COPPAR© methodology, which ensures that the customers get the outputs they need, with Essex Cares undertaking the right activities driven by the right cost drivers. Savings of several million pounds were made whilst increasing the revenue generated by the organisation. This was achieved by removing activities and resources not required to deliver the outputs customers valued.

3. Contract Management

We reviewed all contracts to ensure that each delivered a positive return; was managed efficiently and had opportunities to improve delivery through cost reduction. We uncovered issues with overhead allocation, return on capital, customer focus and better use of resources to deliver the outputs.


We successfully instigated a major shift in thinking across the business to become more commercial and focused on achieving the strategic goals of the company and delivering outstanding service to the customer. By using analysis and data to understand overall financial impacts or decisions as well as teaching them to consider competitive behaviour in the market place individuals could see the importance of their actions to the company’s success. We developed a decision making culture based on the allocation and prioritisation of scarce resource. The MD of ECL stated that “without the Prederi team we could not have commercialised the attitude and thinking of our senior leadership team”.

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