Prederi worked with the Trust’s Medical Director, Divisional Medical and Operations Directors and members of the Executive Team to rapidly develop a draft strategy and then take this through a process of engaging, reviewing and refining with input from stakeholders across the organisation.

The strategy set out:

  • Vision and strategic direction
  • Market and context
  • Themes and priorities for service development
  • Financial envelope which needed to be delivered based on the Trust’s Long Term Financial Model
  • Key changes and enablers that needed to be in place to ensure success.

The output of the strategy development exercise consisted of three elements – the full Strategy document, a summary version for communications and quick reference purposes, and finally a planning tool for individual divisions, directorates and teams to identify ‘what will this mean for us?’ and ‘how will we know when we’ve got there?’.


The Clinical Services Strategy was fully endorsed by the Trust’s Board in October 2015, with acknowledgement of its rigour and quality.  It has become the ‘keystone’ guiding the development of the Trust’s strategic agenda and operational planning, and driving the supporting strategies, plans, and programmes of work to deliver on strategic priorities.

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