Project Approach

Bhagi Shah, a Prederi Director, led the project that enabled Illy Systems to identify the key challenges it faced and identify better ways of working. The scope of the project included:

  • Establish clear business objectives and a clear five year Vision
  • Collaborative development of the company’s future roadmap, with participation from the whole team
  • Root-cause analysis to address day-to-day resource pressures and areas to improve customer service
  • Establishing ways of working that enabled staff to work more effectively in order to create capacity for the managers and the CEO to drive forward strategic change and exploit strategic opportunities


  • The facilitation process enabled the company to re-assess how it was operating and how it would need to change to meet future challenges and further improve customer service.
  • The Illy Systems’ team, highly intelligent and capable, were able to adopt the ideas and changes quickly as the facilitation process provided the creative space and also revealed the compelling rationale for change
  • Empowered staff who took control of implementing key operational and processes improvements.
  • Increased capacity for the CEO and management team to focus on future opportunities and growth.
  • Improved visibility and control over client projects and service delivery.

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