Giving our interns a real taste of consulting

  Jack has been on an internship with us during Autumn 2018 and we’re sad to say goodbye to him so soon. It’s been an absolute pleasure having him as part of our team. Below, he shares his experience of being an intern with Prederi:

“Having recently graduated from the University of Leicester I had the pleasure of spending the last 3 months interning at Prederi. Overall, I could not have asked for a better more insightful time anywhere. At first, I was incredibly nervous with only a little idea of what to expect, but from day one I was made to feel welcome and part of the team by Nicky, Stewart and Nick at my induction.

Things are not slow paced at Prederi, it was only two days later that I found myself sitting in on my first planning meeting for a complex project with several members of the team. They were incredibly accommodating at bringing me up to speed on what the project involved, what I would be doing and answering my many questions. One thing that became immediately clear is that the Prederi team want you to develop and get the most out of your time while you’re with them. To ensure this they give you work that matters and a sense responsibility in the form of strict deadlines. Yet, with the pressure of challenging work and deadlines I never felt out of my depth due to the fact there was a friendly supportive team around who were easily accessible when I had a question or if I hadn’t quite grasped a concept and needed it explaining more.

My time here at Prederi has allowed me to develop a first-hand insight of how a consulting firm works day in day out as well an understanding of the various methods a consultant uses to deliver solutions to clients. I have learnt valuable professional skills such as the value of in-depth planning, how to communicate my ideas and point of view clearly and concisely and, how to speak to clients. It has been an amazing experience all round and I feel privileged to have had the support and chance to work with a company full of bright people who are so passionate about delivering meaningful change within the public sector. I leave feeling inspired to follow a career doing the same down the line.

A special thanks to Ian and Paul for educating me on modelling best practises, Qian for helping me to improve my skills in data analysis, everyone working with Hertfordshire Community Trust for giving me the opportunity to assist in a productivity workshop and the directors Stewart, John, Bhagi and Nick for providing me with this awesome opportunity.”

We’re so grateful for Jack’s dedication and hard work with us. He did a great job and is sure to have a bright future ahead. We wish him every success and hope to remain connected in the future.

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Stewart Johns

Stewart Johns

Stewart leads Prederi’s support to Central Public Services. Stewarts key industry knowledge is in Financial and Change management, including linking supply chain, strategic change and performance management and specalises in focusing on delivering what the customer needs.… Read more »