Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards

Celebrating the value of consulting

We are thrilled to announce that with the collaboration and support of our clients, we have been shortlisted for MCA awards in two categories: “Strategy” and “Performance Improvement in the Public Sector”.

The MCA awards are a beacon of professional recognition in the consulting sector. In 2016, Prederi won New Consultancy of the Year; this year we continue to demonstrate outstanding client collaboration and commitment to high quality, high impact outcomes in our work, with the Cobalt Institute and Westminster City Council.

Strategy, Cobalt Institute

The Cobalt Institute (CI) is a trade association comprising a wide and varied global membership. In this project we helped the CI meet its current and future challenges. This work resulted in a proposed organisational merger, a new corporate structure, expanded management team, and, increased revenue. These changes were supported with targeted training and coaching of the senior management team, making a positive difference to behavioural style, changing the work place culture and improving performance.

Performance Improvement Public Sector, Westminster City Council

In Westminster City Council City Highways, we worked collaboratively to deliver a step change in performance, driven by a revitalised culture. As a result, City Highways has moved from ‘laggard to leader’ in financial management, almost doubled service availability to customers, transformed perceptions at the senior level and delivered cost reductions.

Congratulations and thank you

We would like to congratulate our clients at the Cobalt Institute and Westminster City Council on this achievement and thank them for working with us and supporting us for these awards.

Congratulations to our lead consultants at Westminster City Council, Paul Marshall and Jacqueline Humbert; and at Cobalt Institute, Sharna Quirke, Ian Bennett and Stewart Johns.

Stay tuned for a further announcement in March.

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Sharna Quirke

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