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“Ipek Gurun has been on an internship with us this summer and we’re sad to say goodbye to her so soon. It’s been an absolute pleasure having her as part of our team. Below, she shares her experience of being an intern with Prederi:

“I’m a soon-to-be senior Management Science student at UCL and I had the amazing opportunity to do an internship in Prederi for 2.5 months this summer.

I am very happy to say that my time with Prederi has thoroughly exceeded all of my expectations. Before joining the team, I expected to do the “usual intern grunt work”, like printing, making photocopies, improving PowerPoints and auditing excel spreadsheets. I was certain that most of my learning would come from the relatively rare times that I would shadow full time employees doing their own work, and from the odd occasions when they were free enough to sit down and share their knowledge with me. Well I was wrong…

Right after I started my internship, I was given real responsibilities, tasks and challenging deadlines. I started off with research tasks and quickly moved on to helping put together bids, joining important meetings, meeting clients and getting involved in the management of various projects. These experiences taught me valuable professional and social skills, including how to speak to clients, how to handle conflicts and differing opinions and how to effectively communicate my interests and point of view. I was also lucky enough to join to one of the ‘Prederi Days’, which gave me comprehensive systems thinking training.

During my placement, the team kept track of my work and gave me feedback periodically. They were also very accessible and patient. When I had a question, I could easily ask anyone in the team, irrespective of hierarchy and get a thorough cohesive answer. Throughout the entirety of my internship, I was constantly mesmerised by the team’s approachability, kindness, and eagerness to teach.

I would like to thank the lovely Prederi team for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to be a part of this bright, supportive and very practical group of individuals. I really appreciate that the team took time to meet me in person on my first day to welcome me and supported me throughout my remaining time with Prederi.

Special Thanks to Stewart, Sharna, Pinky, Qian and Lexi for taking extra time to help and support me.”

We’re so grateful for Ipek’s dedication and hard work with us. Working in a fast paced, entrepreneurial SME, in the tough and competitive consulting industry and in the complex public sector, is not for the faint hearted! She did such a great job and is sure to have a bright future ahead. We wish her every success with completing her degree and hope to remain connected in the future.

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Stewart Johns

Stewart Johns

Stewart leads Prederi’s support to Central Public Services. Stewarts key industry knowledge is in Financial and Change management, including linking supply chain, strategic change and performance management and specalises in focusing on delivering what the customer needs.… Read more »