9 Reasons To Choose Big 4 Type Suppliers

I’ve got some great news for all the major buyers of professional services. After extensive personal research I’ve uncovered 9 reasons to still choose a big 4 type business to deliver your needs. So here we go with number 1:

1. The supplier brand is important

The supplier brand takes precedence over end customer needs. If you’re OK with that, big brand is the way to go. You can obtain a preconceived, out of the box solution even if it turns out to be inappropriate to your requirements.

2. Give external entities control over internal business change

Minimise personal risk by handing over control and have the big boys cover that risk off with their brand. This way, you won’t be blamed if it goes wrong. Also, the big firms will be reassuringly expensive and it will be easy to get their deals through your senior management.

3. Transferring risk is essential

Using a firm with deep pockets means they can take the blame if the project fails. Of course, they can also walk away and say “sue us”…and remember, their lawyers are better than yours.

4. Retaining core capabilities is not essential

Rest assured you can comfortably hand over delivery of all requirements to the contractor. In effect, you can outsource the problem and therefore, have no need to retain or develop your own core capability. In the short term, this might look like an effective deal. Have a think about the long term though.

5. It needs to look really good

If you don’t really need the correct solution but want something that takes up time, looks important, distracts from really solving the issues for another few years and gives you a good process to report back on – then you’re good to go.

6. Extend reliance on big business

You get to help train the country’s graduates and enhance their empty C.V… and, pay a lot of money to provide that service, instead of recruiting and training those people yourself.

7. Get a great plan

Experts will design and supervise the solution for you, but instead of being there to deliver on sites, they’ll send in some bright but inexperienced graduates instead (see reason 6). At least you’ll get a great plan out of it. Money well spent.

8. Deliver any change of some sort

You won’t have to help design or deliver the solution, but you’ll have some things that you can report on.

9. Desire the best

You get to think that a bunch of experts are back at the ranch waiting for your beckon call. However, they are literally at their ranch in the USA and are not available. But, you will get the person left on the bench who could do as good a job. That’s OK, isn’t it?

Are there any alternatives?

Well, maybe an SME business that has director level experts, who have in fact worked in and been trained at the big firms. They care about the public sector and will not only write the bid, they are the people who delivered the case studies they share with you, they are the references. Not only that, they’ll deliver the presentation and will also be on site from day one and throughout the assignment.

And, they will be 40-50% less expensive, if that’s important.

For the cherry on top, you will own the solution that they derive with you and, they will train your junior staff in how to deliver the solution. This means your team are left with much greater capability and self-sufficiency moving forward.

Just a thought.


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Stewart Johns

Stewart Johns

Stewart leads Prederi’s support to Central Public Services. Stewarts key industry knowledge is in Financial and Change management, including linking supply chain, strategic change and performance management and specalises in focusing on delivering what the customer needs.… Read more »