Resilience: The Key To Combatting Workplace Stress

If chronic stress is the poison, resilience is the antidote. Resilience is not just a buzz word. It’s an absolutely essential skill for anyone who wants to thrive in their professional and personal life, especially in today’s modern world where the levels of stress, anxiety and depression continue to rise.

In this paper I explore the root causes and impact of workplace stress in the UK – it’s particularly high in public sector organisations. I also explore what resilience is and how individuals and teams can build it, in order to handle a world full of external stressors.

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Resilience – The Key To Combatting Workplace Stress

It’s very important that we take care not only of our organisational processes and systems, but our people too.

Meet the author

Pinky Jangra

Pinky Jangra

Pinky is a Change Management professional with public and private sector experience in Continuous Improvement, Cultural Change, Learning and Development, Transformation, PRINCE2 and PMO. She’s implemented Continuous Improvement methods in UK and Australian Ambulance Services… Read more »