The public sector is complex

Making it work is important

Prederi helps you construct solutions
that deliver positive change in the community
and value for the taxpayer

What we do

We provide expert advice, consultancy and training, in addition to project and programme management. Working alongside you, we help you to set the right strategies, develop pragmatic plans, deliver change, develop capability and address operational issues.

How we work

We challenge traditional consulting models, delivering flexible, tailored expertise at the right level and right pace. We work collaboratively with clients across the public sector to solve the challenges they face in their organisations and operating environments.

Client feedback

The development and implementation of the Children and Maternity agenda in Newham has been one of the success stories of our CCG from literally nothing. I can give you countless examples of our exciting and ambitious programme and a long list of achievements. It is fair to say that without Prederi’s contribution none of this would have been possible. Prederi have provided a framework, structure and strategy that has established solid foundations from which we will go from strength to strength.

- Satbinder Sanghera, Director of Partnerships and Governance , Newham CCG

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